Davis® Dyslexia Correction, Attention Mastery, and Math Programs with Empowered Education-  

The challenges of our daughter’s dyslexia were daunting. In my own work, I realized my daughter was one of the most severely challenged by her thinking style – so bright, but such a struggle with symbols. Mika’s skillful support of our daughter through her Davis Dyslexia Correction program was transformative. Mika gave her the tools and the confidence to take control of her learning.
Parent of Davis Dyslexia Correction Program client age 13

We are completely appreciative of the work that you did with our daughter. It has given us a clear framework for highlighting the strengths of how her brain works. As we do the Davis follow-up work, she and I have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate her visual/spatial/kinesthetic way of being which helps me support her in her processing.
Parent of Davis Dyslexia Correction Program client age 12

Doing the Davis Program feels like yoga for my brain, like I’m getting it into a state that’s better able to handle all the other things. I’m able to focus more when I’m reading, able to get past disorientation that would usually cause me to stop doing something, and I’m in a generally better, more upbeat mood.
Davis Dyslexia Correction Program client age 19

Homeschool and Tutoring with Empowered Education-

My daughter completely shifted from being several years behind grade level by the end of 7th grade, to getting straight A’s in 9th grade. She is now nearing the end of high school, and we are so excited about her bright future. I can’t thank Mika enough for what she has done for our daughter.
Parent of homeschool client age 13(at time of homeschooling)

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you for the last several years. You have been an amazing tutor, friend and role model for our girls. You are always organized, cheerful and manage to navigate the emotional lives of teenage girls seemingly effortlessly. You have been able to think through the best ways in which to allow our children to shine scholastically. We are delighted to have been fortunate enough to have you in our lives helping our daughters!
Parent of tutoring clients ages 14 and 15

Mika’s gentle, skillful, always-positive way with our daughter’s struggles has been life changing for her.
Parent of tutoring and homeschool client age 16

We found Mika Seabrook to be a professional and effective tutor as well as a warm and thoughtful person. She is a committed educator, skilled in reducing student anxiety, and practiced in creative methods for keeping the student engaged and interested in their studies. Reliable and resourceful, Mika makes a strong and lasting contribution to a successful education experience.
Parent of homeschool client age 15