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Mika Seabrook, Director and Facilitator, Empowered Education

Mika Seabrook, Director and Facilitator, Empowered Education

Meet Empowered Education’s Mika Seabrook…

As a tutor for many years, I worked extensively with visual/spatial thinkers and right-brain dominant individuals. However, I often witnessed many of my brightest students consistently struggling with reading and math. They were often scolded for being lazy or not trying hard enough and their self-esteem would deteriorate.

What I saw was how fiercely they tried and how frustrating and demoralizing their efforts were. Their unique thinking styles made them able to create incredible paintings, invent new recipes and choreography, score winning goals and baskets, but were also contributing to their challenges inside the classroom.

I was amazed at the progress of one of my students who had been through a Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program, and I was immediately compelled to learn these methods, become a licensed facilitator, and get the chance to share these techniques with as many people as possible.

While getting my BA at UCLA, I became fascinated by different learning methodologies. One of the ways the Davis® methods appeal to me is because, rather than attempting to suppress one’s natural abilities, these methods use the talents of the dyslexic mind to help them achieve true understanding of words and/or concepts in a way that is personal, effective, and validating. When they experience success, it is not in spite of their dyslexia or because they are no longer dyslexic, but because they have learned to self-monitor and self-control their instinctive aptitudes.

I have seen clients’ reading levels and comprehension jump, their panic attacks subside, their behavioral issues dwindle, their grades and work productivity improve, but what motivates me most is the way their confidence thrives when they realize their own brilliance and potential. I love the work I do because it is an honor to be a part of my clients’ transformations and to witness the empowered changes that take place in them.